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Own a Piece of Carrier Dome Turf That GERG Once Strode

Do you want to remember the historic 2005-14 football era forever? Well, it's your lucky day ...

Great news, Syracuse Orange fan! SU has announced that it will be replacing its FieldTurf surface in the Carrier Dome, and you can be one of the lucky fans to own a piece of Syracuse Football history.

Syracuse University has recently announced that they have selected FieldTurf to replace the surface at the Carrier Dome. See the Full Story Here. A piece of the historic field will be kept for fans to take home. Enter now for the chance to win one of 20 commemorative field boxes.

When you think of Syracuse Football from 2005-2014, it's impossible to forget all the memorable moments on said "historic field," where the home team compiled a "historic" 27-39 record.

We're going to just assume the "lucky" fans who get to take home one of these commemorative field boxes will get to pick out which "historic" moment they want the turf to come from. So with that in mind, here's a list of the most desirable pieces of turf - in chronological order.

1. Syracuse 32-yard line (9/4/2005) - First TD pass of Greg Robinson Era

What a glorious day it was. New coach, new field, new uniforms, and a nearly sold out crowd. The Orange already led 7-0 when Perry Patterson dropped back from the 32-yard line and threw a perfect strike to Eric Wicks for the touchdown. Who is Eric Wicks? Well, he played for West Virginia, but a TD pass is a TD pass!

2. Opposing 21-yard line (11/12/2005) - Farthest point SU advanced in 27-0 loss to South Florida

Bonus: This is also the day Syracuse retired #44. They honored the jersey by racking up 182 total yards on the day and crossing midfield twice. The Orange came oh so close to getting a red zone opportunity on the final drive, which ended on the USF 21 when Patterson threw an interception to end the game.

3. Opposing 2-yard line (9/9/2006) - Seven plays to greatness

What more could fans ask for than bonus football against the #14 ranked team in the nation? Not only did Orange fans get to see overtime against Iowa, the players and coaches gifted them with seven plays from just two yards away from the goal line, needing a touchdown to tie. Four Tony Fiammetta runs, one pass interference call, a Perry Patterson run and finally Paul Chiara coming up short, and that two-yard patch of FieldTurf will go down in Orange lore forever.

4. Syracuse 23-yard line (8/31/2007) - First 3rd down punt

I remembered the moment when it happened. The confusion, the anger, the sadness. But I must have blocked out the other parts that make this moment so iconic. Syracuse was actually winning at the time (3-0!), it was the first quarter (FIRST!!!) and it was from the 23-yard line (23!!!!!!!!!!). Also, John Barker kicked one hell of a punt for 63 yards all the way to the Washington 12, and SU got the ball back on the 43 yard line a few plays later, so it kind of ... worked?

5. Syracuse 12-yard line (9/6/2008) - Akron too talented for SU

The Orange mounted a furious comeback, tying the score at 28, but it just wasn't enough against the talented visitors, who scored from this 12-yard line with 7:28 remaining in the game to take the lead for good, en route to the eventual 42-28 victory. In fact, who in college football could keep up with the mighty Akron Zips that year? Sure they only went 5-7, and lost to Buffalo, Ohio, Temple and Bowling Green, but the pure talent was undeniable, and SU just couldn't match that.

6. Syracuse 16-yard line (9/5/2009) - Just a bit high

Once again the energy and excitement had returned to the Carrier Dome with another new coach and an exciting new quarterback in Greg Paulus debuting in front of a near sellout crowd. Was this the turning point? Would Doug Marrone lead Syracuse back to prominence? The fans readied for the first play from scrimmage, and the snap sailed over Paulus' head and settled at the 16-yard line, where Minnesota recovered and set up the game's first score. Womp womp.

7. Opposing goal line (5/11/2014) - Bonus lax turf!

For the lacrosse fan, you'll have to take home a piece of the turf where the goal post stood as Dylan Donahue's potential tying shot rang off the post and Bryant held on for the historic upset of the #2 Orange men's lacrosse team, 10-9.

8. Syracuse 15-yard line (8/29/2014) - The best defense is the goal post

Who wouldn't want a piece of Syracuse's only home victory of the 2014 season? On this patch of turf you may be able to see the part where Chris Gough slipped slightly on his plant foot and shanked the potential game-winning kick to send the game to overtime. Great work, FieldTurf!

Surely there were other historic moments from 2005-14? What did we miss?