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LSU's AD Would Like to Remind You Teams That Play There 'Schedule Losses'

Syracuse doesn't travel to LSU until 2017 but in case you needed an early idea of what to expect, here you go.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

LSU Tigers AD Joe Alleva stopped by the local ESPN radio affiliate on Tuesday and among the many things he discussed was the trouble he's having getting non-conference opponents to visit Tiger Stadium. His comments were fairly blunt.

"Literally 80 percent just say 'no' right away" when LSU contacts potential opponents, Alleva reportedly said Tuesday on 104.5 FM ESPN Radio.

"Teams don't want to come to Tiger Stadium and get their butts beat. That's just a fact of life. I'm being as blunt as I can be ... they don't want to schedule losses."

He's got a point. With a capacity of over 102,000, Tiger Stadium gets pretty damn loud. Furthermore, LSU is 28-0 under Les Miles at home against non-conference opponents and 57-7 overall. They're 87-12 at home since 2000. It's called Death Valley for a very good reason.

Seriously, what kind of insane college football team would schedule a game at Tiger Stadium?

Oh. Right.