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44 Questions For Syracuse University Following Their 44 Flip-Flop

In light of yesterday's announcement amending Tuesday's announcement, we have some questions.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
  1. What are you guys doing?
  2. Seriously, what are you guys doing?
  3. Do you need some help?
  4. Do you know what "it's back" means or no?
  5. Do you understand that the phrase "it's back" implies that "it" was gone and now you are implying that the thing that was gone is now not gone so, in some way big or small, "it" has changed status?
  6. Did you know that the implied decision to bring 44 "back" was met with immensely-positive response by Orange fans?
  7. Why are you guys being so weird about all of this?
  8. Do you think you're a Fortune 500 company and we're your stockholders?
  9. Are you actually humans or just one of those machines that takes information and turns it into press releases to make it seem like they were written by humans?
  10. Why does DOC Gross still have any say or involvement?
  11. Do you guys understand how PR works?
  12. What's more important to you, the opinions of the tens of thousands of SU fans or the opinions of a couple blowhards on television?
  13. Have you been working on your spelling, at least?
  14. Do you guys secretly hate Floyd Little?
  15. Do you enjoy watching him say one thing and then telling the press something that contradicts everything he just said?
  16. Do you also hate Scott Shafer?
  17. As a Bachelorette contestant might be asked, are you guys in college athletics "for the right reasons?"
  18. Do any of you guys talk to one another?
  19. I mean, are you aware of what one another are doing on a daily basis?
  20. Was someone high-up in the department shocked and horrified on Tuesday to realize there was a ceremony going on in which multiple people said the No. 44 was "restored" and "back?"
  21. Did you guys think that press conference was just a practice run?
  22. Did you think that once everyone got all that "44 is back" nonsense out of their system, you'd do it again for real this time and tell people "we're here today to celebrate the fact that nothing has changed in regard to 44!"?
  23. Is this because we hired a Georgetown grad as our Chancellor?
  24. Does it bother you guys that SU fans care so much about SU football?
  25. Would you rather just do your own thing and be left alone?
  26. If so, you know that's not how sports work, right?
  27. You do know how sports work, yes?
  28. Have you asked Boeheim about all of this?
  29. You know SU fans aren't all children, right?
  30. You know we didn't misunderstand anything about Tuesday's press conference, yeah?
  31. Are you aware we didn't think you meant you are now contractually-obligated to put a 44 on the field at all times?
  32. Do you know that we value 44 just as much as you do?
  33. Do you, like us, suspect there's a mole working in SU Athletics in order to destroy it from within?
  34. Is this all just the beginning of your plan to introduce a hybrid 44-man made from the DNA of Jim Brown, Ernie Davis and Floyd Little?
  35. Do you know how unethical that would be?
  36. Have you asked SU alum Taye Diggs what he thinks about 44?
  37. Is Taye Diggs following you on Twitter like he follows everyone else?
  38. Can we give this whole mess a name, like 44Gate?
  39. Or how about ReiterateGate?
  40. Why can't we have nice things?
  41. Do you guys have an adult handy to tell us what the deal is?
  42. Should SU Athletics retire?
  43. If we do a Kickstarter to buy 44 from you, ballpark for us how much it would cost?
  44. Seriously, though, what are you guys doing?