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Syracuse Football: Orange Release 2015 Post-Spring Depth Chart

Your first glimpse at who's going to be important this fall... maybe.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse football coach Scott Shafer does not put much stock in depth charts, so take this for what you will (and on that note, why release one if so?). But nonetheless, the 2015 Orange post-spring depth chart is here for your perusal. Feast your eyes, and prepare any complaints, praise or whatever else you might want to throw at it:

Syracuse Post-Spring Depth Chart

Now, you can pretty much ignore the bold letters denoting returning starters because, well... there's little consistency there. You'll also notice the hated "H-back" term is here again, with a jumbled collection of players from Ervin Phillips and Ben Lewis, to surprising third option Ashton Broyld all in the mix. Terrel Hunt is listed as the starting QB, as expected, though Austin Wilson is second (sort of unexpected).

Some other notes of intrigue:

  • After an injury-riddled second season at H-back, Brisly Estime now sits behind Alvin Cornelius on the wide receiver depth chart. Okay.
  • Jamal Custis is back at receiver, though at the bottom of the three-deep.
  • Tight end: Where are you, Tyler Provo?
  • Weren't terrified enough about defensive line depth before? This should help! It's very likely a couple freshmen see significant minutes in the trenches this season.
  • As always, linebackers are well-stocked, with four or five potential starters in that group, which should keep the pass-rush fresh and rested.
  • Secondary's a lot of what you knew: Julian Whigham returns, along with some of the younger guys from recent classes who'll need to step up in a hurry.
  • Matt Keller seems to have unseated Keith Mitsuuchi at long snapper?
  • THREE kickers! (and one true punter)

Anything else? Lodge any gripes or grievances (or happy thoughts too) below.