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Your Yearly Reminder That Recruiting Is A Crapshoot

Another highly-touted former SU target failed to live up to expectations.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Recruiting news and interest has been kicked up a notch in recent around these parts. Hell, we've even got our own recruiting beat writers now. Ever since Scott Shafer took over, Syracuse Orange football has started reaching for the stars and expanding it's efforts to bring top talent to Upstate New York.

It's starting to pay dividends with the verbal commitment of RB Robert Washington, potential No. 44 and SU's newest recruiter.

Syracuse fans expect the moon and the sky from Washington right now, and he may just eventually meet those expectations. But, it's ALWAYS a good idea to check your expectations against reality.

Remember what I said about the Syracuse Basketball Class of 2013?

The odds tell us one of them will be a complete bust. He might even transfer or leave the program. Another one will probably end up falling well short of expectations. The other three? We'll, they're the ones we'll be counting on.

We're pretty much right on schedule. Tyler Ennis was the star and left after one year. Tyler Roberson is developing into a decent player and should see some strong PT this upcoming season. B.J. Johnson and Ron Patterson are both gone, transferring to other programs. Chinonso Obokoh remains the only unknown. He might not ever become a big deal and he might have The Syracuse Big Man Senior Year Bump. We'll have to see.

The point is, you just never know. You really don't.

All of this leads me to Ebenezer Ogundeko. Remember him? We wanted him about as badly as we wanted Robert Washington and in the end he chose the Clemson Tigers over us. Yesterday, he was dismissed after being arrested and charged with one count of financial transaction fraud (Hi Doug Gottlieb!). Even before he was dismissed, his career was fairly unimpressive and not anything like what we thought he'd be.

All of this reminds of Chad Kelly, another highly-touted guy we were upset we missed out on. While Kelly may have gotten it back on track (barely) at Ole Miss, he didn't last very long at Clemson either and probably would have done the same at SU.

And that makes me think of Ishaq Williams, who got booted off the Notre Dame football team last year. Remember how badly we wanted him to chose SU?

There's even Zach Allen, our apparent QB savior until he flipped to TCU. Today he's so far buried on the TCU depth chart that he only shows up on special teams.

NOT that I'm saying we should expect this for Washington or any other highly-touted SU recruit. I guess I'm just saying, as best you can, try not to have ANY expectations. Impossible task? Probably. But you might be better off in the long run.

And when a guy does choose someone else over Syracuse, it's clearly no guarantee that he'll be successful. If anything it appears to be a curse.