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Syracuse Football #HotTakes: No. 5 Disagrees with Un-Retiring No. 44

Syracuse Football un-retired the illustrious #44 today, but Donovan McNabb took issue with it.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that excited a number of people, Syracuse University football has un-retired number 44. Now, while many are looking forward to seeing the return of the famous jersey, one rather notable alumnus is not. Our very own Donovan McNabb tweeted to express his displeasure in allowing #44 to be available once again:

Why does he care so much? Maybe McNabb is annoyed that someone less deserving might wear #44 at some point in the future, thus diluting the legendary status of the number. Previous 44-ers, Floyd Little and Jim Brown didn't seem so affected, though.

Many responses over the course of the day seem to show that people understand the importance of our beloved 44. If anything, wouldn't incoming student athletes be afraid to wear it and do it a disservice? Just because it's available, doesn't mean that someone will have it on his jersey this season.

Regardless, it's clear that Donovan McNabb is dead set on preserving a historical aspect of Syracuse University football, and what's wrong with that? He holds it in such high regard that he's lobbying for a number he never wore.

Was it wrong to bring these numbers back to life? Or does reinstating these numbers bring life back to Syracuse football? I suppose it remains to be seen.

Until we know the answer, May the Fours (continue to) be with you.