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Syracuse Football Betting Odds: Early Predictions Set Orange Over/Under at 4.5 Wins

Can't really act surprised here...

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Though not official odds from Las Vegas just yet, it looks like the over/under wins expectation will be set at 4.5 for Syracuse football this fall. The prediction, which comes from 30-year veteran Chris Andrews's Against the Numbers site, is not ironclad -- though is a pretty good indicator of where things will be next month when Vegas officially opens betting for the 2015 college football season.

As you'll remember last year, we scoffed at Orange odds being set at 5.5 wins. Welp... we were very, VERY wrong then, as Syracuse fell flat on its face with a 3-9 record. So this year, can we expect the team to surpass expectations, or once again finish short of what is an admittedly low bar for the program?

Back when the 2015 schedule first came out, we arrived at 5.43 wins -- impossible to accomplish in reality, but a good gauge of a team that has a manageable list of opponents, yet a brutal October-November stretch and a lot of holes to fill on both sides of the ball. I think most would be thrilled at six wins, mixed at five depending on how it occurs, and absolutely downtrodden by anything less than that. As a reminder, the games should break out like so:

Should Win: Rhode Island, Wake Forest, Central Michigan, USF

Toss-Up: Virginia, Pittsburgh, NC State, Boston College

Should Lose: LSU, Florida State, Louisville, Clemson

Beating any one of the toss-ups gets us above the over/under. Beating two of them gets us to bowl eligibility. As you should probably be accustomed to by now, we probably have four wins and four losses already penciled in to most schedules (or should, at least). And then the four toss-ups ultimately decide whether we're bowling or not.

For those wondering how we stack up with the rest of the ACC in terms of expectations, take a glance below:


Florida State: 9.5

Clemson: 8.5

North Carolina State: 7.5

Louisville: 7

Boston College: 5.5

Syracuse: 4.5

Wake Forest: 3.5


North Carolina: 8.5

Virginia Tech: 8

Georgia Tech: 7.5

Duke: 7

Pittsburgh: 6

Miami: 5.5

Virginia: 4.5


Perhaps a couple stretches above (Georgia Tech and Louisville too low, Boston College and NC State too high), but overall, the order of finish doesn't seem off... for now, anyway.

But what do you think? Does 4.5 seem like a huge under-selling of this squad? Or is it right on the money? Share below.