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Rakeem Christmas Moving Up The Mocks Following NBA Combine

Christmas has parlayed his Combine effort into newfound excitement for his draft status.

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

They say that no one helped themselves more at the 2015 NBA Combine than Syracuse Orange center Rakeem Christmas. Rak put up a game-high 20 points in a 5-on-5 scrimmage that also showcased his offensive ability and strength.

The only opinion that matters is the one that NBA executives have, but in the meantime, NBA Draft mockers (mockatologists?) are noticing. Before the combine, had Christmas as the 56th-pick. Following the combine, they've rocketed him up to No. 36. Alas, that would mean he'd be headed to the dreaded Minnesota Timberwolves, but, you know, you take what you get sometimes.

Also, that's actually not that far behind Chris McCullough, whom they project to go with the final pick in the first round to the Golden State Warriors.

Sooner or later, everyone's gonna have to realize that Coach Hopkins knows what he's talking about...