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Friday Conversation: What Incentive/Giveaway Could Get You To The Dome?

What special giveaway could SU use to entice you to a football game you might not already attend?

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Tonight, I'll be attending my first Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field. It's a very special night. Not because I'm going but because...

Tonight, I will be the proud owner of a Mariners fedora. I don't know what the world will look like after that. Whatever happens, I love you all.

But it got me thinking. I'm not going because of the fedora (I swear!) but with all of this talk of the Carrier Dome and getting Syracuse Orange fans excited and incentivized about buying tickets and going to games...what could SU give away that would make you turn from "Nah, I don't think so" to "You know what, I WILL go watch Syracuse gain 107 yards of offense"?

I'm not talking about crazy things or locks of Scott Shafer's hair. But...what would be a fun item that you'd actually want to have? Is it a certain t-shirt? I mean, you have so many, but, maybe there's a special one you're waiting for. What about a signed item? Maybe it's a plush toy of some kind for your kids (or, admit it, you). Is it a Syracuse fedora? Please don't tell me it's a Syracuse fedora. Maybe a cravat instead? What about a raffle ticket for the chance to eat dinner with Jim Boeheim at Delmonicos and, more importantly, park in his spot?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and, who knows, maybe someone at the Carrier Dome will read it and jot it down.

Probably not.