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So, This Syracuse - Boston College Hybrid Uniform Actually Looks Pretty Good?

I'd be totally cool with this as Syracuse's uniform. Minus the BC logos, of course.


Yesterday, I was alerted to this collection of images by eharvey328 (via Dan Lyons) which shows a series of footballs of a college football team wearing their uniform but with the colors of one of their hated rivals. You've got the Florida State Seminoles uniform in Gators blue & orange, a Duke Blue Devils player in North Carolina blue and a Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets player sporting some Georgia red.

Maybe it's the novelty of it but some of these uniforms look...really good? Like, the school with those colors might actually want to consider taking their rival's design and using that.

Take, for instance, this Boston College Eagles uniform with Syracuse Orange colors:


Is it me or is this a really good look? It's like a hybrid of the Donovan McNabb uniforms and the current ones. It's clean and a nice mix of orange and blue.

And perhaps in a awkward way, the look of the BC-ified Syracuse uniforms drives home the truth that they're not all that nice to look at...


That's, uh, oof. There's just something about doing the same color pants and jersey that's...too much. It's just not as appealing.

Check out the rest of the uniform hybrids here.