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It's Official: The #OrangeEagle Trophy Stays With Syracuse

BC WLAX just wasn't able to pull off the miracle and the Orange Eagle stays with TNIAAM and SU fans for another year.

The scene was set for a storybook ending to the 2014-2015 Orange Eagle Trophy competition between the Syracuse Orange and Boston College Eagles. Still within striking distance, the Eagles could have potentially wrested the trophy from us had their women's lacrosse team defeated ours this upcoming weekend and then gone on to win the National Title. Instead, fate, in the form of Loyola WLAX, intervened.

And so, TNIAAM and Syracuse Athletics will retain possession of the most coveted trophy played for by two college athletic programs who don't know they're even playing for it because it's shared by the SB Nation blogs that represent the schools since the two schools don't have a rivalry trophy for some weird reason.


The fine folks at BC Interruption have conceded the competition and we congratulate them on a very successful year for BC Athletics and for pushing this competition to the brink. As they detail in their post, it was a back-and-forth effort by both schools all season long. Just when it looked like one school was going to pull away, the other one stormed back.

TNIAAM retains the trophy for the second-straight year and now we look to 2015-2016 to see if SU can retain it once again. BC certainly isn't going to lay down and we welcome the competition and the fun that comes with this added layer of rivalry, even if only a small percentage of us keep tabs on the trophy. For now.

Now comes the time to get the trophy updated to denote the victory and send her off on a nationwide tour. Perhaps she's flying to a city near you? Stay tuned...

Also, thanks to Invisible Swordsman for all the heavy lifting he does for the Orange Eagle.