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Syracuse University Surveys Orange Fans About Carrier Dome's Future

What do Orange fans want out of a renovated Dome or new stadium? SU wants to know.

Nate Shron/Getty Images

Monday, Syracuse University sent out to survey to season-ticket holders and various SU alumni looking for input on future plans for the Carrier Dome or it's potential replacement. The text of the email is below...

Through your generosity and support of Syracuse University, you have been identified as a key member of the University community. As you may know, the University is currently developing a Campus Master Plan, one component of Fast Forward Syracuse. As part of this effort, each University building and facility, including the Carrier Dome, is being assessed.

Based on a report issued last year by the Chancellor's  Workgroup on a Carrier Dome Backup Plan and the current life-span of the existing Dome roof, the University has a limited time period to explore future options for the Dome. There are three potential alternatives: 1) continuing the concept of an air-supported roof and replacing the current roof as is; 2) installing a new fixed roof system/structure while simultaneously making other renovations and improvements; or 3) building an off-site stadium with significant external support.

Your input is critical as part of the assessment of the University's options. This 15-minute survey is being done in coordination with the broader Campus Master Plan effort. The survey includes potential concepts, ideas, and options that have been considered and/or implemented at other top NCAA Division I schools. The concepts you will see are being presented simply to gauge the overall interest of SU community members and supporters in potential new amenities and enhancements to the fan experience that are offered at other Division I schools. No decision has been made about any concept or idea included in this survey, or the overall future of the Dome. This survey is simply the next step in accurately gauging and understanding the SU community's interests and it will better inform future decisions.

As for the survey itself, it's a basic questionnaire asking what you like about the Dome, what you don't like about the Dome, what you'd want to see from a renovated Dome and if you'd be willing to pay more for new club seats and/or luxury seats if they were installed.

We know Syracuse has been desperate to make a decision about the Dome ever since plans for a new arena near campus were floating and eventually killed last year. Chancellor Syverud set a two-year deadline to make a decision about the future of the Dome back in June 2014 and the school is working with a consultant to figure out the financials.

In my humble opinion, renovating the Dome seems like the logical conclusion here (there's nowhere near enough money available for a new multi-sport arena). The survey seems to kinda-sorta imply this as the bulk of the questions appear to be about what SU fans would want renovated and/or added to the Dome experience.

The survey also floated some ideas about paying for renovations, including increasing the student activity fee, charging for seat licenses and increased advertising in the stadium and around campus.

If you got the survey, make sure you take it. If you didn't, just assume those of us who got it said we want all the fancy bells and whistles but don't want any new fees because we believe in magic.