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Friday Conversation: When Will Orange Players Hear Their Names Called in the NFL Draft?

The first round is in the books so now we want to know when you think Syracuse might see some of it's players get drafted.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The first round of the 2015 NFL Draft went about how it was supposed to go. Jamies Winston earned his crab legs and went first to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, followed by something called Marcus Marioto, who may be related to Marcus Mariota, who went second to the Tennessee Titans. The Philadelphia Eagles tried to trade the kitchen sink for a QB and failed so now it's actually Tebow Time and good luck with that.

The second and third rounds are tonight and some folks think we might hear a Syracuse Orange player or two get their names called. If not tonight then over the weekend, as the rest of the draft wraps up. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that safety Durell Eskridge will get picked (our draft profile here). There's also an expectation that Sean Hickey will be drafted as well (our draft profile here). Other than that it's unlikely but possible that Dyshawn Davis, Cameron Lynch and Jarrod West could sneak in towards the end. But probably not.

What are our expectations for Syracuse players in the draft?

John Cassillo

Just two players get drafted unfortunately, though that doesn't mean that others miss out on a chance at their pro football dream in camp (quite the opposite, actually). I see Sean Hickey being the "Hey, did you know Tom Coughlin went to Syracuse?" memorial Orange player drafted by the Giants this season, probably in the fifth round. Eskridge, while also getting some interest from Big Blue, ends up going to his hometown Dolphins in the sixth.

Dan Lyons

The Giants need linemen and love them some Orange, so they take Sean Hickey in round five, a bit earlier than most expect. Eskeridge gets reunited with Doug Marrone in Jacksonville, as a sixth rounder.

Kevin Wall

Sean Hickey 4th round- Denver Broncos. Hickey might project as a guard, but his ability to play both guard and tackle appeals to a Denver in need of depth on their o-line. Durell Eskridge 7th round Atlanta Falcons. A lot has been stated about the friendship between Durell and Devonta Freeman, and with Atlanta's need to add players in the secondary this seems like a good fit. Eskridge can also reunite with Jerome Smith and Marquis Spruill. Jarrod West 7th round San Francisco- The Niners need WR's and with their compensatory selection they will look to keep West from the UDFA pool. West's size, speed and intelligence make him a value pick for a franchise, which needs to get more youth at that position.

Brian Tahmosh

Two Syracuse players will be drafted this weekend. Hate to play the obvious card, but Sean Hickey is going to the Giants in the 5th round. Coughlin will need one to hit his quota, and considering he may just have one year left in NY he has to make it count. Durell Eskridge will have to sweat it out, but he has the size and athleticism that will lead someone to taking a chance on him. Unfortunately I'll guess that team will be the Raiders in round 7, which will be somewhat bittersweet. Cam Lynch will be a quick signing as an undrafted free agent, and I wouldn't put it past him to make a team. He has everything except the size, so he could make up for being overlooked this weekend.

Sean Keeley

Well, we know the New York Giants are going to pick a Syracuse player, that's written in stone. While Hickey is the obvious candidate I'm actually going to say they take Eskridge in the 5th Round instead. There were reports that they were high on him during the process and I feel like Coughlin can't pin all his OL hopes on us. As for Hickey, he'll go in the 6th round and I'll just throw the San Diego Chargers out there cause they need some OL depth and, hell, why not?

How about you? Who do you think will be drafted and who do you think they go to?