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Devo, RickJack, Hak & Baye Lead Syracuse Squad in Quest to Win $1 Million

Some of your favorite Syracuse alums are competing for $1M this summer and you can get a cut of that.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I've said for years that a local semi-pro basketball team could make a killing if it was populated with former Syracuse Orange players. That's not happening anytime soon but in the meantime, here's a chance to see what it could look like.

The Basketball Tournament is a basketball tournament (duh) that pits fan-supported teams against one another to play for a $1 million prize split between the players and their most ardent supporters. That's right, fans who promote the team are entitled to a percentage of the winnings.

This year, a squad full of Syracuse alums (Josh Pace, Brandon Reese, Eric Devendorf, Rick Jackson, Donte Greene, Hakim Warrick and Baye Keita) is the first to quality for the tournament. Former SU team manager Kevin Belbey is the GM of the team, which qualified thanks to support from SU fans.

Per Donna Ditota, the team's popularity ensures that it will almost certainly play in the Northeast Region games in Philadelphia in mid-July. A team of Notre Dame alumni won the grand prize last year and word on the street is that UConn might be fielding a team as well.

Find out more about the tournament, the SU squad and how to get involved right over here.