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Syracuse Football Recruiting: DE Cam DeGeorge is Class of 2016's First Member

It's early, but Syracuse's 2016 recruiting class is underway...

Cam's Twitter Feed

The class of 2015 isn't even on campus yet, but we're already getting going on next year's football recruiting class. Today, the Syracuse Orange football program added its first name to the class of 2016: Massachusetts (Lynnfield) defensive end Cameron DeGeorge. He announced the decision via his Twitter feed this morning:

DeGeorge takes up the "Cam" mantle vacated by former Orange linebacker Cameron Lynch. And as the D.O.'s Matt Schneidman points out, perhaps he picks up "Cam's Cam" once he arrives.


Stars don't always mean a ton -- especially when it comes to an under-covered area like Mass. But for those interested in these sort of things, DeGeorge is currently unrated. That can change, as it usually does, since Scott Shafer's staff typically finds kids way out ahead of the typical recruiting rush. You can check out his tape below, which showcases his abilities on both offense (guard) and defense. You'll want to pay more attention to the defensive tape, obviously, where the 270-pound end gets around opposing teams pretty easily. He's also the largest person on the field by a considerable amount... so that helps.

Welcome to Syracuse, Cam!