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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Four New Offers Go Out on Wednesday

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The Orange starts flying out the gate during the spring evaluation period, with four offers doled out on Wednesday, according to Scout.

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College football coaches are currently in the middle of the spring evaluation period, where coaches are allowed to watch and visit recruits at their high schools. With coaches visiting dozens of kids, it is very common for a lot of offers to be handed out during this period.

Such is the case with the Orange as they offered four different players on Wednesday. These offers come from some of the typical Syracuse pipeline states -- two from Florida in ATH Brandon Drayton and QB Sawyer Smith, and one from New Jersey in WR Frank Darby -- as well as one offer for North Carolina DT Christian Colon. Here's a look at all of the prospects:

Athlete Brandon Drayton

Brandon Drayton is a athlete out of Largo H.S. in Largo, Fla. While most recruiting services list him as a wide receiver, some also list him as a free safety. The FS position may be lacking depth at Syracuse, but right now he is very undersized at 170 lbs and could fir the the mold of a wideout rather well instead. Syracuse is his ninth offer, but he looks to be a backup plan for the Orange at this point. Some of his other offers include fellow power-conference schools like Iowa and Indiana, as well as Georgia Southern, Liberty, Marshall, South Alabama, Toledo and USF.

Quarterback Sawyer Smith

Sawyer Smith is a QB out of Tate H.S. in Gonzalez, Fla. whom we might have a tough time recruiting since he's already committed to Alabama, but not for football. He's committed to the Tide to play baseball as a speedy outfielder who runs a 60-yard dash in 6.8 seconds and is rated a 9 by Perfect Game, which classifies him as having the potential to be picked in the first 10 rounds of the MLB draft. However, on the football side of things, he currently holds six other offers (Air Force, Georgia Southern, Mississippi State, USF, Southern Miss and Troy) and he says he will take all of his offers into account before deciding what he wants to do. At this point, he appears as an unlikely commit and backup option for Anthony Brown, should the New Jersey passer rebuff the Orange.

Wide Receiver Frank Darby

Frank Darby is a WR out of Lincoln H.S. in Jersey City, N.J. At 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, he's best compared physically to Steve Ishmael and shows a similar playmaking ability. With a plethora of wide receiver offers currently out, he is probably not a priority for the Orange, but could come in handy if some of those fail to pan out. He does hold four additional offers at the moment -- from Georgia State, Liberty, Old Dominion and ACC rival Pittsburgh.

Defensive Tackle Christian Colon

The marquee name on the list of offers is probably Christian Colon. The defensive tackle out of Independence H.S. in Charlotte, N.C. is a three-star prospect with some great size for his age (6'3" and 309 pounds). Given the fact that Syracuse is hurting in terms of defensive line depth, getting a big and impressive addition to that position group is much-needed for the SU staff. Of course, the Orange have plenty of competition for his services, and that list is likely to expand a bit too as the recruiting period wears on. In all, he has 17 other offers, including ones from fellow ACC schools North Carolina, Boston College, Louisville, NC State, Pittsburgh, Virginia and Wake Forest. Fellow heavy hitters Notre Dame, Penn State, UCLA and West Virginia (and more) are all in on the act as well. Colon is not going to be an easy commitment to pick up, but a he has a certain friend that could sway his interest towards the Orange. That friend's name is Robert Washington.


Excited? Encouraged? Which positions does Syracuse need to cool off on, or hone in on even more as the year continues?