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Syracuse Basketball Recruiting: Thomas Bryant Tells A Different Story

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The highly sought-after prospect tells a different story than his mother's, which doesn't include any negativity towards Syracuse.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Jordan Brand Classic on Friday night, Thomas Bryant talked to the media about his recruitment. After already committing to Indiana, Bryant could talk freely knowing his college decision was public.

Bryant disagreed with his mother's comments, saying "As everybody knows, IU got into some trouble too. It didn't affect me." He shot down the idea of Syracuse being in "chaos."

Before the NCAA sanctions were released on the Syracuse Orange men's basketball program, Linda Bryant made it public that she wasn't a fan of Indiana due to the recent trouble involving their program. Post-NCAA sanctions, Indiana looked better (from a mother's standpoint), which is why she ultimately gave Thomas her blessing.

Bryant also spoke about how Syracuse was never in the lead, despite what Linda Bryant had said all along. "I didn't let Syracuse get ahead of anybody else. I treated them as the same as UK, IU and Missouri. People assumed Syracuse was No. 1 because it was close to home," the 5-star center said.

Thomas also touched on his connection with the Indiana players vs. Syracuse players. The only current SU player he was in contact with was Chris McCullough, who is now headed to the NBA. He told the media that Indiana was 100-percent honest with him from the start and communicated with him well, which he loved.

Thomas virtually disagreed with everything his mother had said, which should lead us to believe Indiana was his destination all along... despite what we may have hoped for some time.