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Friday Conversation: Who Would You Like Syracuse's Next Athletic Director To Be?

We know what we want, but who do we want?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Last we checked in with the search for the next Syracuse Orange athletic director, we heard that SU had hired a search firm to help out in the hire. Chancellor Kent Syverud spoke to the University Senate on Wednesday to provide some small but notable updates:

We pretty much figured that about Sala but it's good to get it on the books.

So as we inch closer to the actual decision, we have to wonder who this person will eventually be. Who do we want it to be?

John Cassillo: Admittedly, going to lean on my previous list of candidates from last month, but I'm going to go with one of the "Hail Mary" picks: Julie Vannatta, senior assistant general counsel/senior associate athletic director at Ohio State. Her experience with the NCAA (previously worked on general counsel and advisory board) are big pluses for Syverud right now, and an extended amount of time within the Ohio State system is another win in terms of elevating football. Again, not the clearest pick, or the one that makes the most sense on paper -- but she could be the best pick in terms of what Syracuse athletics needs in the immediate term (and eventually, long-term too).

Kevin Wall: I was going to cop out and pass on making a public selection, but in doing some research I've become more impressed by what I see from Sean Frazier from NIU. College athletics is evolving rapidly and Syracuse is in a good position, as long as the next leader has the vision as well as the leadership to build upon what is already in place. I'd suggest people take a look at the comments in this story and see if that's what you'd like to see from the next Syracuse AD.

Sean Keeley: I know what I don't want more than I know what I do want when it comes to the new AD. I don't want a Gross clone, and I'm fairly certain we won't see one. That's why I don't think Nick Caperelli gets a look. Any other year he might be, but the I imagine the focus right now has to be on not just football but also academic integrity. I'm keeping an eye on what Pitt's up to in their AD search. From their shortlist, we might see the next SU AD emerge. I'm intrigued by Sean Frazier as well as Boise's Mark Coyle, who previously worked at Kentucky and went to school at FSU.

How about you? Any specific person you've got your heart set on to try and sell you on the idea of platinum jerseys for the next ten years?