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As Expected, Georgetown's Campus is Full of Secret Syracuse Fans

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Georgetown University's t-shirt swap program uncovered a hive of undercover Syracuse and Villanova fans.

Chris Grosse

Two weeks back, we found out what we had always assumed...that Georgetown fans secretly hate themselves and like to wear the shirts of their rivals in order to feel human, if only for a moment. Georgetown director of marketing Chirs Grosse decided to do something about it.

Students and other fans who attend the Hoyas’s lacrosse doubleheader on April 11 can exchange their non-Georgetown college T-shirts for Georgetown T-shirts as part of the school’s shirt swap promotion.

T-shirts of hated rivals Villanova and Syracuse will be worth three points. Shirts of Big East (non-Villanova), ACC (non-Syracuse), Big Ten and Ivy League schools will be worth two points. All other college shirts will be worth one point. (One could elect to swap three, one-point shirts for a three-point Georgetown shirt, or swap a three-point Syracuse or Villanova shirt for three, one-point Georgetown shirts, etc.)

Well the results are in and Georgetown truly did appear to have been awash in Syracuse Orange fans. And Villanova Wildcats fans. And a whole bunch of other college fans.

The promotion, which encouraged students and other fans to swap non-Georgetown college T-shirts for Hoyas gear, resulted in the collection of 317 T-shirts depicting the names of 96 schools.

The most common donated shirts were of Georgetown rivals Villanova and Syracuse (51 total), followed by Notre Dame (18) and North Carolina (14). Villanova and Syracuse shirts were worth more "points" in trade, entitling fans to higher quality Georgetown gear in return.

Fear not, Syracuse spies. Your supplies will be replenished. Meet at the extraction point for debriefings and re-t-shirting.

Sadly, Georgetown is now much grayer place. Syracuse fans certainly know how that feels.