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Help the TBT Syracuse Alumni Team Design Their Uniforms

A team full of Orange alums are playing for $1 million. What they look like while doing it might be up to you.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

So you know by now that a team consisting of Syracuse Orange basketball alumni are taking part in The Basketball Tournament where they'll try to win a $1M purse. The twist of the tournament is that it's heavily reliant on fan support, to the point where a team only qualifies to play if they receive enough votes.

The SU team was the first squad to qualify based on how much fans came out to support them. Now we've got a chance to go to the next level. Syracuse fans can have a say in the actual uniforms the team will wear on the court.

Team GM and former SU team manager Kevin Belbey reached out to let us know that once the team reached 1,000 Fans, they will be allowed to customize their own uniforms. The team currently sits at 980, so that should come to pass pretty soon. When it does, they're gonna need some suggestions.

Basically, it's a legit chance to design your dream Syracuse uniform and actually see it happen.

Here's some examples of custom uniforms worn last season to give you an idea of what's possible:



Got an idea for the ultimate Syracuse jersey for Eric Devendorf, Arinze Onuaku, Baye Keita, Rick Jackson and the rest to wear? Leave it in the comments below and we'll make sure to pass it along to Kevin and the crew for consideration.

All platinum uniforms will be incinerated and makers will be banned from the site.