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Where in the World is Fab Melo? Puerto Rico, It Turns Out

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The much-maligned former Orange has a new hoops home.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Where have you gone, Fab Melo?

Fabricio de Melo became a hot topic amongst Syracuse Orange fans in recent weeks as his eligibility became the disturbing centerpiece of NCAA violations that led to big sanctions against the program. Given the way that his final season with SU went and the disappointment left behind, Melo will fairly or unfairly be remembered very unkindly by many Orange fans.

So, whether it's because you're interested to see what the former SU player is up to or because you want to take advantage of some perceived schadenfreude, it's our duty to inform you that Melo has signed a deal to play pro ball in Puerto Rico.

After his NBA career fizzled out, Melo headed back to Brazil for a stint with Club Athletico Paulistano. Now he begins a new chapter of his career with Caciques de Humacao (Humacao Chiefs). Some of the former U.S. college players he joins on the roster include Devon Collier, Ollie Bailey, Dan Jennings and Marcus Cousin. The team plays in the 11-team Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN).

Go get'm, Fab. Or don't. Whatever you want.