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Friday Conversation: Who is Your Favorite Former Orange in the NBA?

In Melo you trust? Or are you more of a MCW person?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Unless I'm missing someone, there are currently seven former Syracuse Orange basketball players in the NBA. What I'm wondering, is...which one is your favorite? Who's the guy you root for over all other Orange to succeed?

Your options include...

Carmelo Anthony

The guy who ruined one-and-done at SU for every five-star freshman who has arrived following him is entering the "No, Seriously, I Need To Win a Title" phase of his career. The longest-tensured current SU player in the pros will be in his 13th season next year and judging by the way the New York Knicks are going, he's probably gonna need to find a new home if he wants to get there.

Wesley Johnson

The second-longest tenured NBA Orange is on his third team in five years. Normally, it'd be great to say you're on the Los Angeles Lakers, but, you know... He probably doesn't have much time left in LA and all that much time left in the NBA, so, hopefully he makes it count.

Dion Waiters

Next up is Dion, who has become an Internet cause célèbre for his mental antics that aren't all that consistent with his statistical outputs. If I had to guess, Dion's about to begin the full-on journeyman portion of his career.

Michael Carter-Williams

It's not often a Rookie of the Year is on a different team a year later but here's MCW. He's still young and working his way up the ladder but the Milwaukee Bucks guard has the potential for a solid career ahead.

Jerami Grant

Uh, were wrong on this one. Jerami is currently working on proving the whole "why bother giving it another year in college for free when you can learn and improve on the job in the pros" mentality. He's even getting cred for his defense. He's breaking all the SU stereotypes!

Tyler Ennis

It was easy to point to Ennis's stints in Bakersfield earlier this year as proof he should have stayed but now that he's getting more chances, he's on his way to making it in the pros. He may or may not become a top PG but he's got a career ahead of him.

Arinze Onuaku

AO is back! Recently signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he's getting decent PT for the lowly Wolves. His contract could be up in a week or it could be extended through the season. Let's hope for the latter because as much as he's been killing it in the D-League, he'd much rather be killing it up here.