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DOC's Worst Nightmare: Syracuse Drops in Director's Cup Standings

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The 2014-15 Learfield Sports Directors' Cup Winter Standings update is here, so let's see where Syracuse stands.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange dropped 7 spots to 18th in the latest update of The 2014-15 Learfield Sports Directors' Cup Standings. The good news is that SU is the 4th highest ACC school on the list behind North Carolina, Florida State, and Virginia. The bad news is that Georgetown moved ahead of the Orange and is now in 13th place.

The latest update includes the sports of rifle, skiing, and indoor track and field, so Syracuse can thank Martin Hehir's 7th place finish in the 3,000m for the 15.5 points the Orange received for this period. It's going to be rough going for Syracuse for the next three scoring updates as only Women's Basketball will be adding to the SU point total, but there is still time for the spring sports to help Syracuse improve upon last year's 53rd place finish.

Chris Carlson's piece over on had this interesting note

Of the 17 programs ahead of the Orange, only two spend less money on athletics, according to federal data. Colorado and Georgetown are the only programs performing more efficiently based on the rankings.

Well Georgetown might be more efficient on the playing fields, but Syracuse isn't pleading with their students to exchange their t-shirts of other colleges.

Final standings for the award will be announced on June 25th or 26th, depending on the conclusion of the College Baseball World Series.