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Jim Boeheim at Hardwood Club Dinner: "I'm Not Going Anywhere"

After Saturday's post-game silence, we finally hear from Coach Boeheim

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Following coach Jim Boeheim's absence at the Syracuse Orange post-game press conference yesterday, many were not pleased. Beyond the issued statement on Friday afternoon, no one had heard much from the SU basketball coach about the NCAA sanctions or otherwise. Now, we get more from Jimmy B, after he addressed the crowd at the Hardwood Club dinner at Syracuse's OnCenter.

You can listen to his full remarks over on The four-minute clip features some key Boeheim quotes (listed below) and even shows a little bit of emotion a little past the half-way mark.

Some of the most important notes:

"I came here in 1962. I'm not going anywhere."

(that last bit is pretty key, and the headline amidst a lot of talk this could be the beginning of the end)

"There's a lot of things to be said. It's difficult right now. I think there's a hell of a battle ahead of us."

And on this year's team...

"I don't think these players could've done much more given the set of circumstances that they dealt with this year on the basketball court. It showed an awful lot of heart and determination and grit, and I think they should be saluted."


That's the basic gist of things. Again, more on the recording, but overall, you can see that Boeheim's certainly rattled and also resilient. With the season now over, all eyes are on him and this is unlikely to be the end of the questions or reactions.

But what do we think? Good for coach? Or should he have just done this on Saturday? Plenty to weigh in on below...