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NCAA Sanctions: Syracuse AD Daryl Gross Releases Statement

Daryl Gross released a short statement as part of an email from SU Athletics this afternoon.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We heard from Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud earlier in the day but we haven't heard much from Syracuse Orange Director of Athletics DOCTOR Daryl Gross. Gross finally put out a short statement as part of an email from SU Athletics this afternoon.

We have been open and cooperative with the NCAA throughout this lengthy process, taking responsibility for past violations, self-imposing a series of strong penalties and doing the right things to make sure violations don’t happen again. I share the University’s disappointment with aspects of today’s NCAA ruling and I support Chancellor Syverud and the University as it evaluates its right to appeal portions of the report and penalties."

One thing that was brought up in TNIAAM staff discussions is that Syverud's statement doesn't even mention Gross. You know, the guy officially in charge of everything that happened here. We're not saying...we're just saying...

The email included a statement from Syracuse University Board of Trustees Chair Richard L. Thompson.

"This has been a long and exhausting investigation spanning close to eight years. I want to commend Chancellor Syverud and University General Counsel Dan French for ultimately bringing this investigation to conclusion. When Chancellor Syverud joined the University we agreed to immediately create an Athletics Committee of the Board of Trustees to oversee the Athletics Department and receive reports of athletics issues. In addition, the University has taken responsibility for past violations and self-imposed a set of very serious penalties. Most important, we have taken action to reform and strengthen oversight policies and procedures to ensure full compliance. At the same time, we believe a number of the penalties instituted by the NCAA are excessive, and I support the University’s decision to consider its options for appeal."

Also included was a link to a website created by SU Athletics to detail the NCAA sanctions and how they're dealing with it. It's obviously a place for SU to try and control their side of the story but I don't know how much good that's going to do.