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Syracuse Basketball: Highlights From NCAA Teleconference Regarding Sanctions

If you missed today's NCAA teleconference, we've got you covered.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

An NCAA teleconference was held earlier this afternoon to discuss the sanctions handed down to the Syracuse Orange men's basketball program on Friday, sanctions that included a loss of 12 scholarships over four years. Britton Banowsky, the commissioner of Conference USA and the chief hearing officer in the case, answered questions during the teleconference. Here are some of the highlights.

1. The investigation was too long:

Much has been made about the length of the eight-year investigation into Syracuse's athletic department. Banowsky criticized the NCAA enforcement staff for allowing the case to drag out for as long as it did.

Banowsky said he hopes future cases will have "more timely" resolution.

2. Was Boeheim at all lucky? Perhaps:

The NCAA suspended Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim for the first nine games of conference play next season, a punishment that Banowsky feels is fair.

But Banowsky also said he believes Boeheim would have been eligible for a yearlong suspension under the current NCAA policy. Nine conference games is certainly a hefty price to pay, but it might not be the worst penalty imaginable.

3. Boeheim at fault, according to Banowsky.

Banowsky said during the teleconference that he believes Boeheim has "a duty to monitor" his program and that "the head coach is accountable for any and all violations with his team."

4. Was a postseason ban discussed? Banowsky wouldn't say:

In early February, Syracuse self-imposed a 2015 postseason ban in response to the NCAA's investigation. The NCAA didn't hand down any further postseason bans today, but Banowsky wouldn't say whether or not the NCAA took Syracuse's 2015 ban into consideration.