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Oliver Luck Allegedly Said Shitty Things About Syracuse, So, That's a Thing Now

Oliver Luck allegedly has some not nice things to say about Syracuse and Jim Boeheim.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be honest, I don't quite know what to make of this series of tweets regarding a chance meeting between West Virginia fans patrons at a Columbus watering hole and former WVU AD and current NCAA Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.


On one hand, based on what we know of Luck, it kinda does sound like a thing he'd think and say.

On the other hand, it's super easy to make up something like this and just because Luck was there that doesn't make this interaction real.

On a third hand, you can absolutely read those comments as a way for Luck to ingratiate himself with the locals and play to his base without actually saying something that's true.

On a fourth, mutant hand, I 100% believe he stiffed everyone for the shots. He just seems like that kind of guy.

Luck told Brent Axe that "the Twitter account is not accurate" and then explained how he did not have "any involvement whatsoever in the investigatory process of this particular case nor do I have any involvement with the penalties levied in this case." While that's true, it still doesn't mean he can't say those things around a table of WVU fans and talk shit for an easy "home town pop."

I dunno, whether or not he said it, I think the point is that Syracuse fans didn't like Oliver Luck yesterday, they don't like Oliver Luck today and they won't like Oliver Luck tomorrow.

And just in case you wondered if this was just an elaborate ruse by a Syracuse fan to drum up a belief in an NCAA witch hunt...