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Syracuse Basketball Might Want to Give Thomas Bryant a 'Hey, What's Up?'

2015 recruit Thomas Bryant says that even though SU is still in the mix, he hasn't heard from the staff in "a couple months."

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last we checked, we were kinda-sorta pretty sure that Syracuse Orange would have room to offer a scholarship to highly-coveted recruit Thomas Bryant for the upcoming season, especially with the news that B.J. Johnson and Ron Patterson would transfer. And now that Chris McCullough could potentially leave, they definitely have room.

While that may still be true, it doesn't seem like SU is trying all that hard to make it happen. According to Bryant, he hasn't hear from the Orange staff in months...

"I haven't talked to them in a while, to be honest," Bryant said. "I talked, not to Jim (Boeheim), but (to) Mike Hopkins at the Hoophall Classic a couple months ago. That's the last time I talked to them."

"In my way of thinking, (Syracuse) has been there from the start, since I was at Bishop Kearney," he said. "So I'm just taking it slow."

Bryant, who is playing in the McDonald's All-Star Game this weekend, is expected to make his decision sometime around April 2-4. While he did say that Indiana is recruiting him the hardest, he will likely choose between the Hoosiers, Orange, Kentucky Wildcats and Missouri Tigers.

Though if they don't send him a text or a just give him a thumbs-up soon, SU might make his choice 25% easier.