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A Closer Look at Syracuse's New Orange Football Uniform

Now we know what it'll look like when the Orange go full orange.

We got some great news yesterday that the Syracuse Orange football team would actually be wearing orange. Now we get a little bit of a closer look at what the uniforms will look like and how it looks in person with the orange helmet and pants as well.

The rest of the ACC is lucky my eligibility is up #playmaker

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For years I think a lot of people were working under the assumption that an all-orange uniform could never work because of those GREGGERS Era disasters. Actually the truth is that the shade of orange those uniforms used was just terrible. This shade of Orange works much better.

The font on the numbers still leaves something to be desired. You know in the video game when you get the option to use choose from five sets of numbers? This is the one that always gets skipped.

But, it's still a move in the right direction (IMO) and I'll take this over the platinums any day.