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Syracuse Orange Football Wearing Orange Next Season For Some Weird Reason

Syracuse Football's Twitterfeed dropped an orange bomb on us today.

I thought we were all pretty clear. The colors of the Syracuse Orange are platinum, blue and white.

Orange? What kind of an idiot thinks that a school named the Orange should wear orange? That's the kind of non-#brand thinking that'll get a person fired around here.

Or....maybe it's the opposite... Either way, the Syracuse Orange actually have an orange football uniform option now.

We had been told these uniforms were coming (specifically that they were on a boat lost at sea, at one point) but it's nice to actually see some follow-through. Also, it sounds like orange pants are on their way as well.

Initial thoughts from the TNIAAM crew are that not only does it look solid, but this should be our standard home uniform until we change designs in a year or two. It's proof that an orange uniform doesn't have to be awful and it'll be a nice reminder that the team with Orange in their names can actually claim the color, especially when we're playing other ACC schools that boast it.

One would have been nice for some fans to show up in the upper deck of the Dome for the unveiling. Even in Photoshop form, SU fans can be so fickle...

Initial thoughts?