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NCAA Tournament 2015: Saturday TV Schedule, Live Stream & Open Thread

It's Round Three time. Let's do things.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry in advance about your bracket. You did a terrible job. What else is new?

Round Three of the 2015 NCAA Tournament gets going today. Join us in the comments below as we sit back and wait for the upsets to keep rolling in. See below for how to watch and what games are coming up.

Mobile App

For those of you always on the move, the NCAA has partnered with Turner Broadcasting to bring you every game on a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and just requires that you sign in with your cable provider information.

Live Streaming

Watching every game live on your computer is also made easy this year with the March Madness Live website. This too requires that the user sign in with their cable provider information.

Saturday – March 21

12:10 p.m.: UCLA vs. UAB in Louisville (CBS)
Verne Lundquist/Jim Spanarkel//Allie LaForce

2:40 p.m.: Kentucky vs. Cincinnati in Louisville. (CBS)

5:15 p.m.: Arizona vs. Ohio State in Portland, Ore. (CBS)
Kevin Harlan/Dan Bonner/Reggie Miller//Rachel Nichols

6:10 p.m.: Xavier vs. Georgia State in Jacksonville, Fla. (TNT)
Andrew Catalon/Steve Lappas//Jamie Erdahl

7:10 p.m.: Villanova vs. NC State in Pittsburgh (TBS)
Brian Anderson/Steve Smith//Dana Jacobson

7:45 p.m.: Georgetown vs. Utah in Portland, Ore. (CBS)

8:40 p.m.: North Carolina vs. Arkansas in Jacksonville, Fla. (TNT)

9:40 p.m.: Notre Dame vs. Butler in Pittsburgh (TBS)