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Syracuse is Better Than Kentucky (in Home Attendance)

Syracuse Basketball is No. 1. In this, at least.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

For all the complaining we do about attendance for Syracuse football games, women's basketball games and, well, most every other game, it's hard to complain about Syracuse Orange men's basketball home attendance. In spite of the knowledge that this year's squad wasn't very good and that they wouldn't be going to the post-season, SU fans continued to come out in droves all year long. With an attendance of 25,338 at the game tonight versus the Virginia Cavaliers, SU clinched their second-consecutive NCAA basketball home attendance crown.

Syracuse's overall attendance will finish down roughly 2,500 from last year's 26,253 average (they came into the night averaging 23,767). That's understandable, considering it was the first season in the ACC and SU was No. 1 in the nation for a stretch

Syracuse edged out the Kentucky Wildcats for the second-straight season. The Wildcats took over the seasonal title in 2005 and didn't relent it until last year. The Louisville Cardinals are likely to join the two in the top three once again.

We'll likely get official numbers in June but consider it a credit to this team and the fanbase that we still ended up drawing so many people in spite of the many issues this year.