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Jim Boeheim Intends to Retire In Three Years, According to SU Chancellor

Syracuse University Chancellor announces time table for Jim Boeheim's retirement.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Three years. That's apparently how many Syracuse Orange men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim has left, according to Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud. Syverud revealed Boeheim's future plans in an e-mail that addressed the removal of Daryl Gross as athletic director.

I have also had recent discussions with Coach Boeheim about the Infractions Committee Report, and the future of his team and program. Coach Boeheim has assured me that he will respond thoughtfully and appropriately to the serious findings of the Infractions Committee Report. Coach Boeheim has also told me that he intends to retire as Head Coach in three years. His goal in making this decision and announcement now is to bring certainty to the team and program in the coming years, and enable and plan for a successful, longer-term transition in coaching leadership. Coach Boeheim's commitment to ensuring that the men's basketball program remains strong even after his tenure is just one more example of his deep loyalty to our University.

Syverud, who has been on the job since last January, stated the university will stand behind Boeheim as he goes through the appeal process, which will hopefully return his 108 victories vacated by the NCAA and possibly shrink his nine-game suspension for next season.

Now, the debate will begin on whether or not this is really is Jim Boeheim's decision, or is Syverud finally making a decision for Boeheim, who has come under a lot of heat lately for his role (or lack there of) in his program's rule breaking that led to the hammer being dropped on it by the NCAA 12 days ago.

Regardless, Syracuse hoops fans know now when the Boeheim Era will end and when the next one could begin.