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Syracuse Football: Scott Shafer Being Discreet About Quinta Funderburk

Syracuse's head coach not saying much about the soon-to-be transfer.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange football head coach Scott Shafer was questioned by's Stephen Bailey Tuesday about the Quinta Funderburk situation, and if fans were looking for an explanation for the wide receiver's upcoming transfer you're did not get one.

"As I talked to his family, they're looking at different options and different schools," Shafer said. "Hopefully he'll find a good opportunity somewhere."

Shafer declined to provide reasoning why Funderburk was not offered the opportunity to come back, only saying that the program "decided to go in another direction."

In Bailey's report, he wrote about Terrel Hunt's and sophomore wide receiver Jamal Custis' reactions to Funderburk's decision. Both players traveled with Funderburk to Florida for Spring Break. Hunt admitted that the senior wide out had "some missteps" at Syracuse, while Custis said he was a big brother figure for him.

Funderburk is expected to graduation from Syracuse this Spring, though, he may need to take some summer classes. He then plans to transfer to another school to use up his last year of eligibility.

There were a lot of hopes for Funderburk, who was a transfer from the Arkansas Razorbacks. He only caught three passes for 50 yards in 2013.