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Isn't There Something We're Supposed To Be Doing Today?

A Syracuse fan's lament on a Selection Sunday in which we're guaranteed not to be selected.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I woke up this morning and did my usual TNIAAM mental inventory. What do I need to write? What do we need to make sure we post? What do we have to schedule?

The answer was...nothing. Sweet. I took the dog out.

And then I realized...wait...that sucks.

There's only been one other time since the site started when I knew going in to Selection Sunday that the Syracuse Orange weren't going to end up in the NCAA Tournament. While we fully expected to make the NCAAs in 2007 and got shafted, we were confident that we were NIT-bound headed into the 2008 post-season.

A year later, Jonny Flynn got us back on track and we went head-on into an era full of 1-seeds and Elite Eight expectations.

At some point in there, I got used to a lot of expectations. As far as making the NCAA Tournament goes, that one just stopped being an expectation and became a given.

With an NCAA Tournament appearance comes a lot of posts for a blog like ours. Announcements. Seedings. Opponents. Brackets. Expectations. Hopes. Dreams. Disappointments.

Thanks to a post-season ban, we end up with only that last one.

So, we'll throw some NCAA posts up this week. We'll do a bracket challenge. We'll keep an eye on what happens and enjoy it all as college basketball fans.

But there's going to be a mess of things missing this week. It certainly makes things easier.

It also certainly makes things a whole lot less fun.