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Friday Conversation: Who Should Syracuse Fans Root For in the NCAA Tourney?

We're not going to be there so let's figure out who we're going to pull for.

Matthew Holst/Getty Images

For the first time since 2008, the Syracuse Orange will not participate in the NCAA Tournament. It's hard to remember that that season was actually the second-straight in which SU missed out on the tourney. That seems to hard to believe. Knowing how insane we are, how did we let Boeheim keep his job? It's a minor miracle.

It's also the first time since 1993 that Syracuse will not play in any kind of post-season. That was the last time we were banned and, if you think about it, that's a weird thing to be able to say.

Even though we're not going to be in the NCAA Tournament, that doesn't mean that we stop caring about it. We're all going to watch, the first four days at least, and it's always more fun when you have a rooting interest.

So the question is...who do we root for?

As John, Jared & Dan pointed out in the latest podcast, the answer might be as easy as Whoever's Playing Georgetown. But let's say that you had to actually pick a school right now, not knowing who they'd play and where they'd be seeded. Which likely NCAA Tournament team are you secretly or not-so-secretly pulling for?

I wish ill will on the Kentucky Wildcats, Villanova Wildcats, Duke Blue Devils, Georgetown Hoyas, Kansas Jayhawks, North Carolina Tar Heels and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. May they all join us at home by the end of the opening weekend.

As far as ACC teams go, I'm secretly pulling for the Virginia Cavaliers to make a solid run. I'm certainly not going to root for Duke or UNC and I would like to see Virginia make good on these back-to-back great seasons with a Final Four or more to their name. Plus, it'd only help us by proxy.

As for Cinderellas and mid-majors, I'm pulling for the North Florida Ospreys. mostly because this is literally the first I've ever heard of them and because I've got a soft spot for unheralded Florida basketball teams.

How about you?

(Thanks to Otto's Grove for suggesting the topic. Want to suggest your own Friday Conversation? Tweet at me)