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Syracuse vs. Pitt: Post-Game Ephemera & Whatnot

You know the score but do you know what else went down during and after the game?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the Syracuse Orange lost to the Pittsburgh Panthers on Saturday, 83-77. What you might not know are all the strange and curious nuggets that happened along the way...

As you know, the Oakland Zoo likes to pull out all the stops when the Orange come to town. They held a #Blackout, of course, and their fans had a handy taunt cheat to help them out if they wanted to get under the skin of Syracuse players.

taunt sheet

This is the part where you notice they...

A) Misspell Tyler Roberson's name

B) Accuse him of misspelling his own name in his Twitter handle

C) Accuse him of having an "elementary reading level." Ahem. (H/T: dstorm95)

The Zoo also presented the required Jim Boeheim Picking His Nose Head. To which Jim Boeheim responded...

Well played, James.

Pitt fans did do one thing right, with a spot-on Mean Girls reference during the game.

Finally, as you know by now, Jim Boeheim had some words for those who think he runs a dirty program. That question was asked by Joe Starkey of Starkey didn't come away too impressed with Boeheim afterward.

The infractions have not yet been revealed, but if you saw Boeheim's school-released statement on the matter, it's fairly clear he is trying to distance himself from them.

"I believe the university is doing the right thing," Boeheim said in the statement, "by acknowledging that past mistakes occurred."

Whose mistakes? Certainly not mine, Boeheim appears to be saying.

On one hand, this is what Boeheim does. And anyone who follows him knows that this is how he during the season, which is often different than how he is afterward. He's not lying, but, he's being a bit of a showman at the same time. On the other hand...fair enough.