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National Signing Day: Sam Clausman Keeps Christmas Themed SU Athletes Going

As Rakeem Christmas gets ready to leave, Sam Clausman will arrive and balance shall be retained.

Rocco Casullo is gone from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale but before he left, he sent two offensive linemen our way. One of them is Sam Clausman, who will ensure that can rehash our Rakeem Christmas puns for years to come. Let's find out about one of our new offensive linemen.

Twitter: @SamClausman

High School: Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Position: Offensive Lineman

Stats: 6'4", 301 pounds

Main Recruiter: George McDonald

Commitment Date: May 16, 2014

Ratings: Scout (3), ESPN (3), Rivals (2), 24/7 (3)

Other Offers: FAU, FIU


Ben's Breakdown:

Clausman was the first domino in our class of 5 OL, and a catalyst in getting everyone on board, including his teammate Colin Byrne. Sam has also become very active on twitter in helping to recruit new teammates and keep guys committed to the cause, which makes me think he'll definitely be a leader in this class.

He plays low and uses that leverage to make great blocks both off the line and at the second level. He’s very mobile and will be an excellent pulling guard, as his kick-out blocks are executed almost perfectly every time. His vision on those blocks is also great to see as he knows where his man is going to be and takes him out of the play. Sam’s tape also demonstrates his versatility. I expect him to redshirt this season, and then step in when Rob Trudo graduates. There's a chance Sam could jump in right away on special teams, though.