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National Signing Day: Amir Ealey Beefs Up the Orange Defensive Line

Another defensive lineman joins the fold for Syracuse's 2015 class.

Amir's Twitter Feed

Syracuse went after defensive linemen hard for 2015, and one of those additions is Amir Ealey, who committed to the Orange this past December. A nationally-rated tight end prospect, SU's hoping to use that athleticism on the defensive side of the ball -- where he also spent time while in high school.

Twitter: @mir_montana24

High School: Coatesville Area Senior HS, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Position: Defensive End

Stats: 6'4'', 230lbs

Main Recruiter: Tim Daoust

Commitment Date: December 14th

Ratings: Scout (3), Rivals (3), ESPN (3), 24/7 (3)

Other Offers: Connecticut, Louisville, Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Temple, Toledo, UCF, Virginia, West Virginia


Ben's Breakdown:

It may be a little bit early to make this comparison, but as I said when he committed, I see the potential for Ealey to be a Chandler Jones type of player for Syracuse. It's pretty scary how similar Amir's highlight tape looks like a young Chan, but I also think Ealey looks more polished than Jones did coming out of high school.

With the playing time available on the defensive line, I definitely see Amir as a kid that can come in and cause some havoc in the backfield right away. He'll need to commit himself to the weight room over the summer to be D1 ready, but I was very excited when we landed him. Despite not being able to bring Jay Stocker with him to the Orange, stealing Amir from under Pitt's nose was a big victory for Coach Bullough and Daoust.