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Syracuse Chancellor Syverud Stays Mum on NCAA Investigation

"I can't comment."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As part of his chat with Dave Tobin of, Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud commented on the NCAA investigation into Syracuse Orange basketball and football, by, well, not commenting.

"I believe in complying with NCAA rules," he said. "A couple of those rules restrict what I can say about an ongoing investigation and how I can say it. Therefore I have to say no comment right now."

From there, the Chancellor no-commented his way out of additional questions about penalties, fault or anything else related to the investigation. He also didn't provide any insight into timing of the findings announcement.

Nothing surprising here. He's not supposed to comment and we know SU officials usually stay mum when it comes to this stuff anyway.

Semi-related, the Chancellor was asked whether or not college athletes should be paid and you can mark him down firmly in the "No" column.

"I believe in a model of our athletes being students as well as athletes," he said. "I think the cost of attendance reforms we made will make it substantially easier for student athletes to afford the balance between their athletic commitment and their academic commitments."

He added that the recent addition of "cost of attendance" provided to P5 athletes would increase SU's per-student expenditures by $1,00 - $2,000.

That comes out to about 20-30 "Number 25" basketball jerseys sold in the bookstore, so, no biggie.