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Syracuse Football: Director of Football Operations Steve Scarnecchia Moves On

The SpyGate fall guy rehabbed his image at Syracuse and may be looking for a return to the NFL.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Per a Syracuse University Athletics spokesperson, Syracuse Director of Football Operations Steve Scarnecchia is no longer with the program.

One of the highest compliments Syracuse Orange fans can pay to Scarnecchia is that we really didn't hear all that much about him while he was here. That's less a dig than a comment on everything that happened before Scarnecchia returned to his alma mater.

Best known as the member of the New England Patriots staff who engaged in illegal filming of opponents' practices, his hiring as video coordinator put up some red flags in 2011. I wrote at the time that it was pretty unlikely anything would come up during his time with SU given the scope of everything that had gone down, and (in theory) it turns out that was correct. About the only news along the way was when he was promoted from video coordinator to Director of Football Operations in 2013.

No official word on where Scarnecchia is headed but rumor has it he and his father (former longtime Patriots assistant Dante Scarnecchia) might be on their way to the Atlanta Falcons to work for newly-hired head coach Dan Quinn. Quinn and the younger Scarnecchia worked together briefly with the New York Jets.

No word yet from Coach Shafer on who steps into the DoFO role. No one on the staff list currently holds the spot.