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Friday Conversation: With Syracuse Basketball Winding Down, What's Your Go-To?

Surely we have interests beyond just Syracuse sports, right?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Just three games left. That's it, and the Syracuse Orange basketball season is over.

There will be time for reflection and looking back -- and most importantly, honoring Rakeem Christmas. But instead, on this Friday, thought it would be fun to chat about some of the activities/shows/sports we'll be watching with the sun setting on SU hoops. Obviously Orange lacrosse is first, as it should be, along with the Syracuse women's basketball team (seriously, guys). But what else? I'll start:


  • Writing about Syracuse football (sorry, I suck)
  • Fantasy baseball
  • Vacationing (can't go during football season, after all!) -- visiting a few places for the first time this spring, including Phoenix, Indianapolis, Chicago, Louisville and Nashville
  • Drinking... obviously


  • NBA -- sure my team (the New York Knickerbockers) sucks, but I'll still be seeing them twice in person this March anyway, because I hate myself. The National Basketball Association has other teams, too! In fact, 29 other teams! And nearly all of them are more watchable than the Knicks. You should check them out. They're even on TV!
  • NHL -- if you've fallen off the hockey bandwagon due to two different lockouts in the last 11 years, fear not! The league got back on track due to all of its big-market teams being very good, and has become an immensely more-watchable product in recent seasons. My New York Rangers are a fine choice for fans looking to latch onto a proven winner. The Los Angeles Kings are for you frontrunning types. And the Nashville Predators may be your team if you want to upset the status quo.
  • College basketball -- the season continues without us. We'll have a much larger conversation around who we're rooting for (answer: whomever Georgetown is facing for one round until they lose, then someone else) later on...
  • Baseball! I came back around to baseball in recent years after a several-year hiatus, and I'm glad I did. Few things like a Saturday or Sunday at the ballpark, and I have plenty of that planned this year.


  • Have Netflix? "House of Cards" is back. Start watching, dummy.
  • Have no shame? "The Bachelor" is almost over. But for more shame, "Gossip Girl" is also on Netflix (maybe it has been for awhile). I've already rewatched the first season and a few episodes of season two.
  • More Netflix: "Parks and Recreation" just ended, but you can watch every season but this one right now to catch up.
  • You're a fan of football. So if you missed "Friday Night Lights" the first time around, you can watch it all again on Netflix.
  • "Archer" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" are both back on FX. You LOVE those shows.
  • And of course, "Mad Men" makes its triumphant return for the final half-season in a couple months. Need a refresher? We talked about the finale last year. You can also (surprise!) catch up on Netflix.


How about you? What are you planning to spend your time doing this spring?