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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Notre Dame Review/Duke Preview

We've been timing these podcasts pretty well with upsets, haven't we?

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Yet again, our weekly podcast ends up timing things pretty well. Another top-15 opponent, another upset for the Orange, who suddenly look like a would-be tournament team (y'know, if not for that whole postseason ban thing). We'll be holding these within 24 hours of games now for the rest of the season. You're welcome.

This week, John Cassillo is joined by Dan Lyons to discuss the big road upset over the Fighting Irish, chat some football, and of course, talk about beer. Some of the larger talking points:

  • Exploring the changing quarterback dynamics of the NFL right now
  • How the Syracuse football offense can easily improve things this year
  • Why Arkansas could end up making the Final Four
  • Gonzaga, just join the Mountain West already -- it'll be better for everyone
  • B.J. Johnson is one of many young SU players who provide hope for 2015-16
  • Notre Dame... you are getting upset in the first two rounds again
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

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Plan accordingly: This podcast is over an hour long. We talk about basketball and football and other stuff, while also having an extensive conversation about beer.

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