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Jim Boeheim: 'I'd Rather Take the Punishment & Let the Players Go to the Tournament'

Jim Boeheim was on Dan Dakich's radio program today and agreed with the idea of him taking the punishment over the players.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

When the self-imposed post-season ban came down, a lot of Syracuse Orange fans were looking for a solution that didn't affect the current players. The most obvious solution appeared to be suspending Jim Boeheim from the post-season rather than punishing Rakeem Christmas and his teammates over something they didn't do.

Turns out, Jim Boeheim agrees. Coach was on Dan Dakich's radio program today and agreed with the host's earlier sentiments that he should be the one to suffer the consequences, not the players.

I suppose Syracuse University could have rolled the dice with that strategy instead but it would be no guarantee that the move would appease the NCAA. In fact, it probably wouldn't. The NCAA follows the letter of their dumb laws and they'd probably still ban the team, this season or next, even if we preemptively banned Boeheim.

While we ponder that, Boeheim did leave us all with one wonderful Boeheim-ism before he left...