Syracuse Football Scheduling for 2016

Consider this a follow up to The Future Scheduling Thread. Made a new one copy pasting from the spring practice thread....


A lot of us thought a two for one with us playing @ Georgia State over Labor Day weekend of 2016 would be a good move for a variety of reasons. They’ve booked a home and home with Ball State taking that option away, but FBS Schedules now has the Colgate game moved up to September 3. I don’t remember seeing any news on that, and they don’t have a story link, but they’re usually on top of things so I’ll take their word for it. We now have two weekends in September open next year. Here are our options for road games (which we need our last OOC game to be) if we agree A) no more P-5’s with ND already on the schedule to go with Clemson, FSU, Va Tech and Louisville in conference and B) the Mountain West isn’t worth playing on the road. * = One spot left, yet to schedule an FCS team.

Week 2:

AAC- Houston*, SMU*, Tulane*
C-USA- FAU, Marshall*
MAC- SUNY-Buffalo*, Toledo*, Western Michigan*
Sun Belt- None

Week 4:

AAC- UCF*, UConn
C-USA- FAU, Louisiana Tech*, Middle Tennessee, Old Dominion*, UTEP*, UTSA*
MAC- Ball State, SUNY-Buffalo*, Ohio*, Toledo*
Sun Belt- Georgia State*, Louisiana-Monroe*

Another option would be finagling a late season game with Army at Yankee Stadium since they don’t have anyone slated to play in the Bronx yet. Give me a three game or more Yankee Stadium-Dome-West Point series, and I’ll be happy to take an earlier Bye. Otherwise, I don’t like putting my faith in the conference to get those two early slots filled.

2016 ACC opponents with openings:

Week 2- @BC, FSU, Louisville, @Wake Forest
Week 4- Possibly @BC, @Clemson, NC State, @Pitt

You can go ahead and strike out BC for both of those weeks. Debatable if the ACC would have FSU go on the road so early, they wouldn’t have a home game other than anFCS opponent in Doak until October in that case (though two of their OOC games are in Orlando and Tampa). Louisville will be pushing for as many early ACC games as possible with OOC games against Houston and UK in November. Wake still has a TBA date with Tulane and no FCS scheduled yet, those two would likely fill the first two weeks. So Louisville is the only possibility there, and we might be fighting BC to get that conference game.

Week 4, Clemson is a possibility. They’re still TBA on their FCS game, which will likely come before they play Sakerlina. So they want ACC games in September. NC State is TBAwith William & Mary and they don’t have anyone Week 1, so they’ll probably be their opener. However, Clemson-NC State is usually earlier in the conference schedule, so they might pit those two against each other Week 4. So that means banking on the ACC finally realizing Syracuse-Pitt isn’t really a thing and them willing to schedule it early on. I’m not holding my breath on that.

Ideally I’d like @Wake week 2, @FAU week 4. Four should be wins going into a MetLife showdown with Notre Dame. But I also don’t want to rely on the ACC to fill Week 2.THIS IS WHY YOU SCHEDULE AHEAD OF TIME.

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