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Syracuse Football Ranked As One of Worst Coaching Jobs in America. And?

According to an ESPN Insider ranking, the Syracuse head coaching gig is among the worst in the world of P5 programs. Are we supposed to be surprised?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

So, couple things about this list of the worst college football head coaching jobs which lists the Syracuse Orange head coaching job as the 57th worst job among all 65 Power Five positions.

First, let's read the rundown...

As one coach said: "The weather is miserable, and that dome ..." Yes, that dome. The Carrier Dome hasn't exactly aged like a fine Bordeaux, we'll say. The facility, and the school's upstate New York isolation, has made for a somewhat ragged fit in its new conference. It strains the accuracy of the name "Atlantic Coast Conference," really. The state might touch the water, but Syracuse says neither Atlantic nor Coastal. "We all know why they're here," the coach said, referring to the ACC's desire to maintain its basketball reputation. The school and city are currently trying to figure out options for the dome, whether to renovate or build something new. Either way, it's much-needed for the program's profile. I recall school officials talking last summer about how difficult it had been to get higher-end teams in the ACC (and Notre Dame) to actually play in Syracuse; better opponents want a neutral-site game in the Meadowlands, they said. As for the weather, well, there isn't much that can be done about that one. At least the football season is over before the gray of dirty snow season hits.

1. This is what qualifies as an ESPN Insider article? You have to pay for this? Ranking aside, that's kinda embarrassing.

2. I think there's a legitimate way to explain why the Syracuse gig is among the worst among P5 jobs, but, referencing the fact that we do not fit the literal criteria of the Atlantic Coast Conference name is, well...come on, guys. Again, people are paying for this...

3. As for those complaints about the Carrier Dome, that's just silly. The Carrier Dome is old? The L.A. Coliseum is an aging dump and that doesn't seem to turn away recruits. Anyone who was in that Dome in the 90's knows how intimidating and loud the Dome can be when we pack it. The issue isn't the Dome, the issue is us.

4. Maybe it's hard for Syracuse to convince schools to play in the Dome but they got LSU to come up here. So it can't be all that hard.

5. So here's the thing. Bias aside, the Syracuse job probably is one of the "worst" of the P5 head coaching gigs. It just is. Sorry, tough talk time. We're just barely catching up with the middle of the pack when it comes to facilities. We're positioned in a recruiting dead zone that can't be relied on by itself to generate top tier talent. We're a small(ish) private school who can't measure up financially to other major programs. And we have a reputation, wether legitimate or presupposed, of being a bottom-feeder.

It's not exactly a job most folks would call a dream job.

And even then...

Think about Greg Robinson. Wait, that's a terrible idea and I feel horrible for bringing it up. But, for a moment, imagine a world in which Greggers succeeded. Imagine he stepped into Coach P's shoes and immediately turned the program around. Crazy, I know. But imagine if instead of 2-10, we went 10-2. You know what would have happened?

Robinson would have left for greener pastures.

Syracuse is, for the time being, a place for a coach to build their career. As Doug Marrone showed us, it's a place to prove you belong among the big boys. And until someone pulls a Jim Boeheim and decides this is their home, that's how it'll be.

So, yes, I do believe you when you tell me Syracuse is among the "worst" jobs amongst Power Five programs. But not really because of any of the silly reasons provided. And it doesn't mean Syracuse can't be good and that a coach can't succeed here. The real question is, when will a coach succeed here, stick around and prove that this "worst" job isn't so bad after all?