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Syracuse Football Spring Practice: The Annual Position Switcheroo

Day One of 2015 spring practice is in the books. What did we learn?

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The 2015 Syracuse Orange football season is officially underway as spring practice kicked off on Sunday at the brand spanking new Ensley Athletic Center. Drills were light, pads were nonexistent and it was, in the words of Scott Shafer, "a pretty bland day."

But, it was a good chance to see the annual Tweaking Of The Positions. While most folks will continue to do what they did last year, a few Orange will be lining up in different spots. Let's find out who...

Offensive Line

Starting right tackle Ivan Foy will see some time at left tackle as SU tries to figure out the best solution for replacing Sean Hickey. In fact, Shafer is still figuring out how the entire line is going to look.

"For the most part we'll have all the centers and guards working center-guard positions and then the tackles need to be able to flip-flop. Then there will be instances where Omari (Palmer) needs to be able to play both guard and tackle, which last year we did by injury."


Antwan Cordy is going to see some time at both corner and safety while Rodney Williams and Chauncey Scissum are seeing time strictly at safety.

Defensive Line

Luke Arciniega has yet to find out if he will be granted a sixth season of eligibility due to a medical hardship. If he does, he'll be changing from linebacker to defensive end.


Arciniega's move opens up one of the outside linebacker spots to join Marqez Hodge and Zaire Franklin. Right now it looks like Parris Bennett and Jonathan Thomas are the frontrunners to take the spot formerly owned by Dyshawn Davis.

Running Back

Ashton Broyld carried the ball 36 times last season. He may be getting more this year.

"It's not just running the ball in a sideways manner. You can put him in the backfield with depth and run him downhill. You can slam release him and wham release him across the formation and run play-action passes to create misdirection and get him in the flat, hopefully against a linebacker. And then you can break the box with those types of guys and run your down-the-field routes as well as your matchups underneath against the outside linebackers, and sometimes strong safeties."

Meanwhile, in case you're wondering, Terrel Hunt was back and "full go" as the team's No. 1 quarterback. Shafer also singled out Alvin Cornelius, Steve Ishmael, Trey Dunkelberger and Jamal Custis for good play on Day No. 1.