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Derrick Coleman is No Longer an ACC Legend

Derrick Coleman is no longer mentioned in the ACC Legend Class of 2015. Collateral damage of SU's post-season ban?

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Associating any member of the Syracuse Orange before 2014 with the ACC is always going to be weird and the idea of one of those people being considered an "ACC Legend" is always going to be super-weird.

So, yes, it was super-weird when it was announced that Derrick Coleman would be honored as an ACC Legend at this year's ACC Tournament. Know what makes it super-super-weird? He's no longer being honored.

If you take a look at the page of ACC Legends to be honored in the Class of 2015, Coleman is no longer included in the list. Every other school's Legend is still accounted for, however.

If you go back to the initial announcement of the Legends Class, you find out why with this (quietly-added) update...

Following Syracuse’s self-imposed postseason ban, Derrick Coleman has requested that his participation in the ACC Legends program be delayed. Derrick’s decision has the full support of the Syracuse administration; and therefore, they will not have a representative in the 2015 ACC Men’s Basketball Legends Class.

Basically, because of the self-imposed post-season ban, Syracuse is being airbrushed from the 2015 ACC Tournament. The team won't be playing in it, SU fans won't be attending and so it's apparently best if everyone just pretends we don't exist for that week.

SU's Martha Rowe is still included in the ACC WBB Legends page. However, the Syracuse Women will be playing in the ACC Tournament.

Guess you can add Coleman to the list of Syracuse players punished for things they didn't have anything to do with.