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Syracuse Debuting Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniforms vs. Virginia on March 2

We knew these were coming. Now we know when.

Syracuse Basketball Twitter

Hey, you remember a week ago when we saw those new-ish Syracuse Orange basketball uniforms last week, right? The Nike Hyper Elite duds could have been debuted against Duke on Saturday, but instead, the Orange decided they'd be better served for the final home game of the year. SU will don the new gear against the highly-ranked Virginia Cavaliers on March 2.

The main differences with the current SU uniforms -- specifically the home gear, since that's what displayed above:

  • "Orange" now spelled out in white, with orange outline (versus block orange). Winner: OLD design
  • Numbers now block orange with PLATINUM outline (versus PLATINUM with orange outline). Winner: NEW design
  • Shorts waistband is plain white (versus old "CUSE" print on waist). Winner: OLD design
  • Shorts now have PLATINUM side stripes (versus plain white now). Winner: Neither

... So yeah, I'm gong with the old design, by a hair. I will miss the CUSE belt line print, and I REALLY hate the white "ORANGE" outlined in orange. The pointless horizontal stripes on the side are such a Nike thing that means nothing... though watch they're "at a 44-degree angle" because, of course.

The school's love/hate relationship with blue also continues, as basketball uniforms continue to be firmly in the "hate" blue camp in favor of PLATINUM.


What do you think? Like them? Hate them? Non-committal? Weigh in below.

UPDATE: Full set on a manikin gives a much better picture of the uniform.

Closer look at the new @Nike Hyper Elite uniforms for 3/2 vs. Virginia #CuseMode

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