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SU Football Recruiting: National Signing Day Primer

With NLI Signing Day only 2 days away, what should SU fans be expecting?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We're only 40 or so hours away from the 2015 National Letter of Intent Signing Day, which, for people like me, is the best day of the offseason in sports (only rivaled by soccer's deadline day, which coincidentally is today). Signing day is so very important to every school, as it solidifies each verbal commitment the staff has worked so hard to close over the last few years. It is also the most dated tradition in modern sports, as teams still use a fax machine to receive the NLI's, but this is another reason why it's such an awesome day.

I wish Syracuse had a live fax machine feed like some of the bigger schools do, but for us we'll just have to follow along on Twitter. Your best sources to do this (despite me doing my best to retweet as we go) will be @EricWhite08 and @CuseFootball. Each of these accounts last year provided a minute by minute update of whose letters were in and signed.

Each athlete received three NLI's this week, Twitter said the staff dropped some off in person but I'm pretty sure all the letters were mailed. One NLI is to be faxed in on Wednesday, one NLI is to be mailed in with the actual signatures, and the final one is for the ceremony at the school (if the athlete is participating in one).

Our staff wants all letters of intent to be sent in by 7-7:30am, so expect to see most of the announcements around then. There's usually one or two stragglers, and with the weather the way it's been for the last few weeks you never know what will happen in terms of school delays.

Usually there aren't any surprises for a school like SU on signing day, and I wouldn't really expect there to be this year. Keep an eye on as we update the thread throughout Wednesday and on @nunesrecruiting for more information on signing day.